Tribology is a key technology supporting sustainable development in 21st century. Achievement of the industrial advance with enhancing sustainable development largely depends on the progress of tribology. Reflecting such a situation, the aim of this conference is to present fundamental mechanisms and new concepts, techniques and applications of tribology. This conference is opened for the scientists and engineers in the fields of such as condensed matter physics, surface physics, molecular physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, and biology, and green technology including energy conversion and storage.
  • Fundamentals of tribology
  • Surface and material engineering
  • Manufacturing and machine elements
  • Lubrication and lubricants
  • Micro- and nano-tribology
  • Tribo-system

Especially, we take particular note of the following topics.
  • Science of friction
    (include hierarchy and universality of friction)
  • Dynamics of tribology towards high quality optimization
    (include minimum friction and energy dissipation)
  • Visualization of buried interface
    (include boundary lubrication)
  • Life and tribology
    (include life science and soft matter science)