Visualization of buried interface

Humans obtain perceptual information of more than 80% from vision. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that visualizing unseen information is equivalent to recognizing everything in tribology as implied by the saying "one picture is worth a thousand words". Understanding mechanisms of tribological phenomena is extremely significant for all tribology researches. However, tribological phenomena lie at a buried interface which is generally difficult to know and understand what is happening there. So, visualization of buried interface is very crucial in order to recognize and evaluate changes in tribological phenomena. This includes not only direct observation but also visualization of various tribological information, as well as simulation for all tribo-materials.

In the symposium on “visualization of buried interface”, there will be four sessions about the following: (i) micro-scale experimental study, (ii) macro-scale experimental study, (iii) technique and method for visualization, and (iv) simulation study. All aspects of visualization from the fundamentals to its practical uses and case studies are welcomed as topics for this symposium: for example, deformation and fracture of surfaces (contact, friction and wear), behavior of lubricants, thermo mapping, chemical and electromagnetic issues, etc. These studies for visualization of buried interface would bring technical innovation on tribology in the future.


  • Hiroshi Mishina (Chiba Univ.) /
  • Martin Priest (Univ. of Leeds) /
  • Hitoshi Washizu (Toyota Central R & D Labs.) /