Dynamics of tribology towards high quality optimization

In recent times, in association with the sophistication of machinery systems, demands for tribology have been increased dramatically. One of the important aspects is the so-called NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) problem. Any contact surfaces that tribologists have to manage need to not only have long operating lives, but also provide considerably smooth motions, such that the functions of the machinery systems are never hampered, and the user environment or people in the vicinity are not disturbed. For example, in automobiles, squeals occurring in brake systems are common problems that have troubled many engineers for a long time. Nowadays, in highly developed quiet rooms, a small sound from any tribo-elements, or even a stationary contact between interior plastic parts, can be considered as causing discomfort, although previously such sounds might have been buried in louder background noises. Furthermore, it should be noted that controlling the dynamical behaviors of tribo-elements leads to enhancing the operating range of machinery systems. In some cases, enhancing the operating range drastically improves the overall efficiency of the entire machinery systems, resulting in the creation of high-impact technologies for a sustainable society. Consequently, we can say that today, tribology is required to create additional values for machinery systems thorough controlling their dynamical behaviors. Taking that into consideration, this symposium entitled "Dynamics of tribology towards high quality optimization" aims to provide an opportunity to discuss various such problems in depth. Any dynamical aspects of tribology ranging from fundamentals to applications are welcome.


  • Ho Jang (Korea Univ.) / hojang@korea.ac.kr
  • Ken Nakano (Yokohama National Univ.) / nakano@ynu.ac.jp