Tribology simulation

Recent advancement of various simulation methodologies such as molecular dynamics, first-principles calculation, mesoparticle method and continuum mechanics, significantly promotes the detailed understanding of the tribological phenomena from atomistic-scale to meso- and macro-scale viewpoints and leads to the theoretical design of the tribology materials and systems. This symposium aims to discuss the future direction and challenges of the tribology simulations in a variety of the tribology fields and then hopes to stimulate the future success and collaboration. We welcome a variety of presentations such as tribology simulation from atomistic-scale to meso- and macro-scale, modeling, theory, collaboration of experiments and simulations, expectations from experimentalists to simulations, etc.


  • Momoji Kubo (Tohoku Univ.) /
  • Hitoshi Washizu (Toyota Central R & D Labs.) /
  • Kentaro Tanaka (Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Tech.) /