Engine tribology trends for low viscosity oils

Thermal efficiency improvements for automotive engines have been strongly requested in order to prevent global warming due to CO2 emissions. The technologies of friction loss reduction are effective measures for reducing the fuel consumption. Therefore, engine tribology and also its lubrication oil are becoming increasingly important technologies. In such circumstances, the low viscosity standard oil of API SN 0W-16 will be introduced in 2015, and the amendment of SAE J300 towards further reduction in viscosity is being considered. In engine tribology, further technical innovation will be requested for matching the trend of the low viscosity standard. According to focus on the recent trend of lubricant oil, this symposium was organized for new engine about engine sliding parts technology, lubricating oil, additive technology and additive technology lubricating oil standard trends.


  • Jyunpei Yoshida (HONDA R&D Co.) / Junpei_Yoshida@n.t.rd.honda.co.jp
  • Takumaru Sagawa (Nissan motor Co.) / t-sagawa@mail.nissan.co.jp
  • Yuji Mihara (Tokyo City Univ.) / ymihara@tcu.ac.jp