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Scope and Background

  • ITC was organized by Japanese Society of Tribologist (JAST). The first ITC was held in Tokyo in 1985, following holding of JSLE-ASLE International Lubrication Conference, which is the precursor of ITC, in Tokyo, 1975. Through the successful series of ITC in Nagoya (1990), Yokohama (1995), Nagasaki (2000), Kobe (2005), Hiroshima (2011), ITC 2015 will be held in Tokyo, Japan this time. Tribology is the interdisciplinary subject related to surface physics and chemistry, material science, fluid dynamics, and so on. Therefore, interdisciplinary approach is important to clarify the tribology problem. Interdisciplinary studies and discussion on the future directions of the fields are strongly encouraged. We hope for the participation of everyone active in the fields to report on the latest developments in a lively, stimulating and interactive atmosphere. Active participation of young researchers, especially students, is also strongly encouraged.