Dr. Philippa Cann

Principal Research Fellow in the Tribology Group at Imperial College London

She is a Principal Research Fellow in the Tribology Group at Imperial College London which is one of the largest University-based tribology research groups in the world. Dr Cann's first degree was in Chemistry (Kings College London University) and her PhD in Lubrication Engineering was awarded by Imperial College.
Dr Cann's initial research focused on experimental studies of hydrocarbon-based lubricants and additives and in particular the measurement of film thickness in rubbing contacts. She also pioneered the use of in-contact IR Spectroscopy techniques to study lubricant film chemical composition on the surfaces. In the 1990s Dr Cann worked closely with SKF and ExxonMobil who funded research into grease lubrication of rolling element bearings.
In early 2000 Dr Cann's research focus switched to the developing field of Biotribology; in particular artificial implant tribology, articular cartilage damage mechanisms and soft contact lubrication. In 2007 Dr Cann established the Biotribology Group with Dr Daniele Dini and in September 2011 organized the first International Conference on Biotribology (ICoBT) which was held at Imperial College. A second ICoBT meeting was held in Toronto in May 2014 and a third is planned for September 2016.
Dr Cann has published over 130 papers in tribology; particularly on mechanisms of grease lubrication in rolling element bearings and more recently on synovial fluid lubrication of artificial joints. The research has been recognized by a number of international awards including the STLE Walter Hodson Award (1998), 2001 STLE Wilbur Deutsch Award (2001), Taiyo Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation (2011, 2013), UK Tribology Trust Silver Medal (2004) and Jacob Wallenberg Foundation Grant (2004). Dr Cann co-authored the joint winner of the 2012 SAGE Best Paper Prize published in Proc. IMechE Part H, Journal of Engineering in Medicine entitled "Edge loading in metal-on-metal hips: low clearance is a new risk factor."
Dr Cann has served as an Editorial Board member for a number of journals (Lubrication, Science, Tribology Letters) and was the Editor-in-Chief of Tribology International (top 20 rated engineering journal) from 2009-2015. She has recently inaugurated a new journal “Biotribology” as the Co-Editor with Professor M. Wimmer (Rush University) from the USA.