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Authors' Information

Presentation Guideline

Oral presentation

  • Presentation Time

    • Type

    • Presentation

    • Discussion

    • Plenary speakers

    • 35 min

    • 5 min

    • Contributors

    • 15 min

    • 5 min

  • * Presentation time of speakers invited by each symposium organizers depends on the symposium program.

  • Organizing Committee will prepare laptop PCs for the oral presentation.
    Speakers should bring a copy of your presentation file(s) in a CD-R, a DVD or a USB memory stick, which can be used with our computers that have the PowerPoint 2013 on Windows system.

    Speakers are requested to copy (upload) their files to Slide Center the day before, if their presentation is in a morning, or at least 2 hours before the beginning of the session, in case of an afternoon session. The Slide Center is located near the reception desk (15, 16th Sept) or in the cloak (17~20th Sept.), If you use animations, please embed them, if it is a special animation, send the codec also and bring all the files on a CD-R, a DVD or a USB memory stick.

    We responsible for deletion of your presentation file promptly after the session is over.

    In case of a connection problem or Macintosh users, you can use your PC for the presentation. Your PC should have a mini D-sub 15-pin output (female), a standard RGB monitor terminal, to be connect to the projector.
    The power supply is AC100V, 50Hz, with the plug type A, which has two flat blades without GND.

Poster presentation

  • Poster sessions are scheduled in the evening on Sep. 16th and 17th. Each poster board is 90 cm in width and 180 cm in height.

    Your poster should be mounted immediate after registration on Sep. 15th or 16th. Pushpins are provided for mounting posters at the Poster session room.

    The organizing committee and conference secretariat, are not responsible in case of loss and damage of your poster, and also responsible for the posters left on the board.